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Elementary Intervention Summer School

Elementary English Only Intervention

Elementary Summer School is an intervention program focused on ELA and Mathematics with a heavy focus on small groups and differentiation. The purpose is for students to review and re-learn key grade level concepts so that they will be more prepared for their next grade level. Students will also work on grade-level writing, reading, and speaking skills through art, PE, and enrichment courses. 

English Language Development

Identified elementary students who are English Learners have the opportunity to take an English Language Development class to bolster their skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English to prepare them to take and pass the English Language Proficiency Examination of California (ELPAC) and support them in their studies. This class is designed for students at the lowest levels of English proficiency.

Participation in both of the above programs is by invitation only.

For questions, please review the 2024 Summer Programs Frequently Asked Questions.