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Foster & Kinship Support

You are not alone. Pleasanton Unified School District is dedicated to supporting all of our students and to provide additional support to those in need.

Students living in Foster or Kinship homes may have additional needs than other PUSD students. Therefore, the Foster/Kinship program provides access to general and specialized resources to help alleviate barriers to accessing education.

Foster Youth are children and youth who are currently under the jurisdiction of Juvenile Court due to abuse and or neglect by a parent or caretaker.

Foster Youth are placed in a licensed foster home. This placement may be with a relative, close family friend or a stranger. Please see California Foster Care Education Law Fact Sheets for more information.

Important Facts for Foster Youth
  • Immediate Enrollment in School

  • Grade and Credit Protections

  • Right to Remain in the School of Origin

  • Exemption from Local Graduation Requirements

  • Automatic Engagement from a PUSD School Social Worker

Kinship Youth are children and youth who are currently living in the home of someone other than their biological or legal parent (adoptive/step). Kinship Caregivers may have Legal Guardianship of the child/youth through Probate Court or in most cases here in Pleasanton, the arrangement is unofficial.

Important Information for both Foster and Kinship Youth
  • All families are eligible for services through Lincoln Families’ Kinship Support Services Program provides free services to Kinship families. The goal is to support families in any way possible to ensure that the child stays with a relative caregiver.

  • Access to ongoing Parent Education

  • Parents retain education rights unless there is a Legal Guardianship established through Probate or Juvenile Court, the child/youth has been freed for adoption or the Juvenile Court has limited the parents' education rights.

For information and resources, please go to the School Social Worker website for some general community resources, mental health resources, and Parent/Guardian Education opportunities. For specialized support, please click this Foster/Kinship link.

If you would like to speak with someone directly, please reach out to us at, provide us with your student(s) name, Student ID number, and the best way to contact you.