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Student Discipline

Code of Student Conduct

Each school has developed a school-wide discipline plan consistent with policies. A copy is accessible to all students. Education Code 35291.5.


The Board of Trustees believes that one of the major functions of the public schools is the preparation of youth for responsible citizenship. The district shall foster a learning environment that reinforces the concepts of self-discipline and the acceptance of personal responsibility. In order to maintain an environment conducive to attaining the highest quality of education in the district, there must exist certain disciplinary policies and regulations relating to student conduct which delineate acceptable behavior and provide the basis for sound disciplinary practices within each school in the district. (Education Code 35291.5) The schools shall not tolerate any comments or gestures that denigrate others on account of sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, handicap or disadvantage. Students shall be subject to disciplinary procedures for bullying other students or for using insults, slurs, or fighting words which may disrupt school activities. These policies and regulations will be enforced fairly and uniformly and consistently without regard to race, creed, color, sex, or physical or mental handicaps.

Restorative Practices

California Education Code encourages schools to provide alternatives to suspension or expulsion that are age appropriate and designed to address and correct the student’s specific misbehavior (Ed. Code 48900 (v)) Additionally, the law requires that schools first utilize other means of correction prior to suspending a student from school, in most situations. (Ed. Code 48900.5) Depending on the offense, school administrators may offer restorative practices as a reduction to suspension, alternative to suspension, or in addition to other disciplinary actions taken. A restorative option allows students the chance to attempt to make right any harm they have done to the school community, as well as to take steps towards making better choices in the future. If a restorative option is offered, and the student does not fulfill the agreed upon activity by the specified date, the original day(s) of suspension will be restored.