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PUSD Stakeholder Survey

Each year, PUSD conducts its School Quality Stakeholder Survey on aspects of school climate including academic support, student support, school leadership, family involvement, safety and behavior, communication and community building, as well as overall school quality.

PUSD also added a section to the survey that focuses on our Special Education and 504 Plan services, as well as timely topics such as COVID-19 response. The survey is administered to PUSD employees, parents, and students in grades 6-12. Additionally, a version of the survey is available to the broader community.

Survey responses, while not generalizable to the entire PUSD community, provide us helpful information to build on data from previous years to support our collective work moving forward.

District and school leaders will continue to use the survey findings in school improvement planning for next school year.

PUSD shared a summary of its Spring 2022 results during the Nov. 10, 2022 PUSD regular board meeting.

2021-22 PUSD School Quality Stakeholder Survey: Full Report

2021-22 PUSD School Quality Stakeholder Survey: Board Presentation