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School Counselors

Role of School Counselors

Counselors in a school setting promote and enhance the learning process by implementing an evidence-based school counseling program in alignment with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model. As a member of the education team, counselors help every student achieve academic success, navigate personal and social development and plan for meaningful careers. Counselors work together with parents, students, educators, and community professionals to ensure success in learning and preparation to take on life’s challenges. For more information regarding the role of school counselors, please see Empirical Research Studies Supporting the Value of School Counseling´╗┐

School Counselor Ratios in PUSD

Although ACSA recommends the counselor-student ratio be 1:250, currently in PUSD, the counselor-student ratios are much higher and vary across elementary and secondary levels.

Confidentiality Guidelines

Student confidentiality is important and vital to the counselor-student relationship. School counselors, as required by law and/or ethical standards, must maintain students’ confidentiality with the following exceptions: harm to self or others, abuse or neglect, or by subpoena. Learn more about student confidentiality.

Counseling Websites for PUSD Schools