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David Schrag

Director, Elementary Education

Josh Butterfield

Director, Secondary Education

Shay Galletti

Coordinator, Early Literacy and Numeracy

Junior Yee

Coordinator, Innovation and Distance Learning

Lisa Ayanbule

TK-12 Integration Specialist

Katrina Wunderlich

TK-12 Integration Specialist

Chris Ragg

TK-12 Integration Specialist

Winter Jones

District Career Readiness Specialist

Madelyn Bartolome

A-G Completion and Improvement Counselor

Ryan Kelly

Executive Secretary, Secondary Education

Olivia Applin

High School AVID Lead/Coordinator

Rene Christensen

Middle School AVID Lead/Coordinator

La Toshia Palmer

Coordinator, Equity & Access

Shehnaz Wadhwania

Coordinator, Language Acquisition