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District English Language Advisory Committee

Each California public school district, grades K–12, with 51 or more English learners must form a District-level English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) or subcommittee of an existing district-wide advisory committee.

The purpose of the DELAC, or subcommittee on English learner education, is to advise the district’s local governing board (e.g., in person, by letters/reports) on programs and services for English learners.

Meetings are held in person at the PUSD District Office Board Room at 4665 Bernal Ave, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. The running agenda is linked below.

2022-23 Academic Year meeting schedule:

  • Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2022
  • Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2023
  • Wednesday, Mar. 22, 2023
  • Wednesday, Apr. 26, 2023
  • Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Link to 2022-23 DELAC Agenda

Previous Years' DELAC Agendas

PUSD English Learner Master Plan

Kevin Bradley
Senior Executive Director of Research & Evaluation
(925) 426-4350

Karen Johnson
Coordinator of Language Acquisition
(925) 426-4353

Laura Keller
Assessment and Accountability Specialist
(925) 426-4350