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Dual Language Immersion Program

PUSD's Dual Immersion Program is an Alternate Program for English Learners (EL) and English Only (EO) students to acquire academic proficiency in two languages. PUSD’s Dual Language Immersion program is English & Spanish, together with mastery of academic State Standards and cultural proficiency for all participating students.

This program is held at Valley View Elementary, feeds to Pleasanton Middle School and finishes at Foothill High School where chosen Core classes are taught in Spanish.

If you'd like to apply for enrollment in the Dual Immersion Language Program, please complete the following steps: 1) Fill out the enrollment request form at the following link: Dual Immersion Enrollment Request (English) or Dual Immersion Enrollment Request (Spanish) 2) Complete your enrollment at your school of residence and inform them that you are applying for DI. 3) If your school of residence is any site other than Valley View, complete the Open Enrollment Application after your enrollment is complete.

Enrollment Requirements

Program participants and their families are expected to maintain a six-year commitment (K-5) to the Dual Language Immersion program. This duration of enrollment ensures full development of both Spanish and English language skills, as recommended by current data and research of Dual Language Immersion Programs. English speakers may enter at the Kindergarten or first grade levels. Spanish speakers may enter in Kindergarten, first or second grade. Bilingual students may be admitted at any grade level, based on their level of literacy in Spanish and English.

If you are interested in joining the Dual Language Immersion Program, please contact the registrar at the appropriate school site.